Dear Valued Supporters,

Today (Monday, August 30th 2021), we received word from our carrier that they were unable to tender some of the orders placed online due to risks/ambiguities associated with the shipment of alcoholic beverages across state lines. Given the ambiguous and ever changing regulatory environment associated with this aspect of the alcohol industry, and the risks we are taking by engaging in this aspect of doing business – we have decided to suspend all out of state shipments and will not be taking any out of state orders online for the time being. This will allow us to reassess which markets we can safely move forward with. We will still be able to deliver locally within the state of MI (Zip codes listed here) as we have been for the past year. We will also continue to accept orders online for pickup at our tasting room. 

We are truly sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you, and appreciate the support of all those who have ordered online. We hope to be able to offer these services again soon. We will be issuing refunds for all orders that have been placed but not yet shipped, and all orders that have been shipped and stopped by the carrier. If you have a subscription it will be paused indefinitely and we will be in contact with you once we know whether or not we can proceed with orders in your jurisdiction. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and contact us here. We appreciate your support and patience.


The Unity Vibration Team